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Rafting and kayaking the rivers of Peru will be an unforgettable experience that you will really enjoy. The waters that flows down from the Andes form the mighty rivers of Peru and Chile, an authentic and irresistible challenge for lovers of rafting and kayaking , is an experience that will put you on the edge of risk and danger.

Among this Rafting Peruvian rivers is the Apurimac river, a classic class IV & V , run that drops through house sized granite boulders with canyon walls soaring thousands of feet above. It is rated among the 10 best rafting trips in the world and the number one Rafting trip in Peru.

This Peruvian river for rafting is born on the summits of the glaciar Misti only 100 km from the Pacific Ocean and cuts across the Andes of the South American Continent flowing directly into the Amazon river making it the longest river in the world.

You will feel the vertiginous fury of the waters , the raft quivers, jumps , sifts and you have to row with perseverance and passion, while your heart accelerates its beats and you grit your teeth.

We also have other rivers for rafting in Peru, such as the Urubamba river , that is good for kayaking as well, with class III and IV rapids and that is near Cusco the ancient capital of the Inca Empire. We own a very nice River Camp called Casa Cusi, with facilities such as hot showers, sauna, fire place and an ecological environment, at the shores of the Upper Urubamba river.

The Tambopata jungle river rafting is an authentic expedition into deep pristine rain forest, with closed encounters with wildlife and good class III plus rapids. On this river rafting or kayaking expedition you will not see any other human being for a few days , except the ones in the group.

This fascinating adventures of rafting or kayaking in Peru sprinkled with adrenaline, native ancient Inca culture wildlife and safe serious fun will be a once in a life time epic journey.